Some sections will be closed after add-drop period!

1 March 2017

Sections 73, 93 and 102 will be closed after add-drop week.

  • Students who are enrolled to¬†section-73, section-93 or section-102 must attend their own sections during add-drop period.
  • Next week, ¬†students in section 73, 93 and 102 will be transferred to another sections without any intervention to their previous recitation session respectively.
    For example, students in section 73 will be transferred to one of the following sections: 11, 12, 21, 22, 23 or 66.
    Section transfer will be organized by the coordination of MATH120 in the accordance with the number of students in each of such possible candidate sections.
  • A student who is transferred to an another section may attend his/her former section for lecture hours, but must attend his/her newly assigned subsection for recitation.