Important announcements about section transfers

6 March 2017
  • Sections 73, 93 , 102 and 103 have been closed. Students in these sections have been transferred to another sections without any intervention to their previous recitation sessions respectively. Newly assigned sections can be found out by using SIS 120 interface.
  • To balance the number of students enrolled to each subsection, we have made some arrangements with no intervention to schedules. So, every student should check their section using SIS 120.
  • A student’s main section may have been changed as a result of section transfer action made by the course administration. Students in this category have the mutually exclusive option of attening to their former section or newly assigned section for the lectures (not for recitation classes) only if their choice is in advance and not subject to any change.

For example: Assume that your section was 32 and it has been changed to 51.

For lectures. you have the option of attending to either section-3 or section-5, and once you choose one of them, for instance section-5, you must attend to section-5 for lectures throughout the semester. For the recitation classes, however, you have to attend to your newly assigned section 51.