Exam 3 Rules and Places

1- Math 120 Exam 3 will be held on September 3, Saturday at 9:00.

2- Please be in your exam room not later than 8:50.

3- You are not allowed to enter the exam after 9:20 and you cannot leave the exam room before 9:30.

4- You need to have a METU ID with a clear picture to enter the exam.

5- Before the exam starts, you must TURN OFF your mobile phone and put into your bag.

Any mobile phone (even turned off) which is near you will result in cancellation of your exam.

6- The exam places can be found at:


Note that the exam building is the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences B Building, located at


Good Luck,

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About registration to Odtüclass

If for some reason you cannot see Math120 All sections on Odtüclass (https://odtuclass2021sum.metu.edu.tr/) ,

send an email indicating this to benli (at) metu.edu.tr

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Welcome to Summer 2022!!!

Exam 1 Content


Once the semester starts, all information regarding the course will be available on Odtüclass

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MATH 120 - Calculus of Functions of Several Variables